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Open 8pm till Late: We are on the same Soi as Sapphire, Misty's & Angelwitch, next door to Club Electric Blue & opposite Dollhouse & What's Up agogo
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Babydolls agogo, Pattaya agogo, recruitment
Babydolls agogo soi 15 walking street pattaya
Baby Dolls A Go Go Pattaya:
Babydolls A Go Go is Located on Soi 15, Walking St, South Pattaya.

As you make your way down Walking street look to the left of the Family Mart just before Soi Diamond and you will see some of our staff who can escort you to the club which is at the far end of the Soi past all the food stalls. Open 8pm till Late: We are on the same Soi as Sapphire, Misty's and Angelwitch, next door to Club Electric Blue and opposite Dollhouse and What's Up agogo
babydolls pattaya agogo walking street
Our staff will escourt you right to our door
babydolls pattaya agogo walking street
We have a stage, soft stage & a jacuzzi tub
Baby Dolls has three different areas...

We have the main dancing stage where the girls get down to the music, you won't see girls doing the soft shoe shuffle, our girls really know how to dance. We have a soft stage where the girl will tantalize and titillate you with sexy poses and playful antics, and finally there's the Jacuzzi tub where the girls gyrate to the music whilst getting super sexy with each other in the soap suds.
More About our Club and Girls:

We serve competitively priced local and international ice cold beers and spirits from our well stocked bar Happy hour prices are unsurpassed by any of our competitors and doubt they ever will be All of our staff speak some English and they will be happy to assist.

Our bar is 100% owned and run by Westerners so if you have a problem with a girl, member of staff or a bill, let any of our staff know that you wish to speak to our English or American manager and they will endeavor to resolve your problem.
babydolls pattaya agogo walking street
Our friendly service staff are happy to help
Our Baby dolls are chosen for their looks, friendliness they are subject to stringent checks before we employ them and rigorous training teaching them how to behave with foreigners to give you a memorable experience each and every time you visit they will never hastle you for drinks or tips. If they do, let us know. Dont forget, in Thailand, treat everyone with respect, be generous with the girls and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Located right behind BabyDolls a go go is the Green View Hotel where clean rooms are available for any period of time at very reasonable rates.

BabydollsはSoi15にあります。 Walking street を下って行くと、左側にコンビニのファミリーマートがあり その前の通りがSoi Daiamondです。 そこまで来るとBabydollsの看板広告を 持ったスタッフがおり、 彼らがエスコートしてくれます。 Babydollsのメインはダンスステージで彼女たちは素晴らしいダンスを見せてくれます もちろんセクシーダンスやセクシーポーズもです。ジャグジーでソープの泡を使った ダンスは、もう~マジでヤバイですよ。 お店には大型のテレビスクリーンがあり、お客様の好きなスポーツも見逃すことはありません。 私たちのサービスは、地元他店との激しい低価格競争の中での低価格と英語の話せる 素敵なスタッフがお客様の目線になってアシスト致します。 もしお客様が料金に、ご納得頂けなければマネージャーやスタッフにご相談下さい。 又、私たちのガールズスタッフはドリンクや、チップなどを要求しません。 そして私たちのスタッフは接客面での厳しい教育とトレーニングをしていますので、 必ず素晴らしい思い出を残せるでしょう。 Baby Dollsで、貴方のお気に入りの子がきっと見つかるはずです。 お店の裏にはとても部屋がキレイなGreen View Hotelが御座います